Meeting, Scrubbing, Eating-Repeat.

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Wow what a busy couple of days, us ladies have had here at Natural Solutions. We have both been out and about in the glorious weather and enjoying every moment.

Yesterday we had a really productive meeting with a client who would like us to look into removing their chemical waste. The meeting was really interesting as our client was talking through what they used the chemicals for and I personally, learnt so much.  If you didn’t know, we are a licensed waste broker so if you have any waste, whether its old paint or hazardous chemicals, don’t let it build up, give us a call.

After our meeting we had a new client who wanted us to visit his new workplace. We drove into this stunning village and tucked away was a beautiful stable court yard that had been converted (I will apologise now; I am a country girl who happens to own horses!).  It would be any horsey persons dream. Back to the meeting, it was a positive conversation about collecting the waste that had been left behind by the previous owner.

Today we started off the day with a client who has been trying to remove graffiti. We did a demonstration as we wanted to make sure that the product we took with us, was the one that was going to do the trick. We applied the graffiti removers and hoped that they did the trick as the graffiti was on a building and we were keen to get it off! We are pleased to say that the one I used did the trick. I was so pleased with the result that I painted a smiley face within the graffiti to show a comparison to our client. He was really impressed (with the graffiti remover, not my smiley face).

Next stop was with a client who is trying to get his colleagues to use our product that helps to remove concrete from lorry’s. Our product is not as fast acting as their current cleaning solution; however, ours is eco-friendly and will not hard you or damage the work Lorry’s. We are planning a meeting with the drivers at the end of the month…… I better pack some chocolate biscuits for them on that evening!

Back in the car now and I am heading back to the client we saw first thing to see what the graffiti removal was looking like after this morning.  As we left this morning, my mum spotted a tiled floor that is located at the entrance to a cemetery and it had lime scale and mould on it.  I whipped out the gloves, scrubbing brush, watering can and kitchen roll. Bye Bye mould, adios Limescale!

A very busy but productive couple of days, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I took some photographs of the tricky problem areas and how they looked after we treated them.

Before treatment










This is how the graffiti looked when I applied our Graffiti remover.




















We were really pleased with the result of the graffiti remover as our client informed us that they had used a product on it previous;y to remove it. The graffiti will need another application to get the last remaining bits off but considering it had been treated previously, we were pleased it had made more of an affect.




Our Mould remover worked really well on this tiled floor. In the end photo I only did half a tile so I could comparison and to see how well the mould came off.





As you can see there is a fair amount of limescale that has built up on the orange tiles. In the end photo I was keen to see if our limescale shifting product also removed the mould…. The last image shows how effective the product was on this lovely tiled floor.

If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are always happy to help.











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