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Wow it has been incredibly busy here at Natural Solutions HQ! It has been a while since I last blogged as we have been working all over the place.

This week, Mum has been putting the miles in and driving down towards the South of the UK to visit clients who have troublesome Algae and I have been on the look out for new products to add to our collection.  One of our clients has got an issue with stained marble so I have done a fair amount of research and think that I have found a product that will be compatible with the marble my client has. I enjoy looking at new products as you learn so much. With the new product on order, I can pencil in an appointment with my client. I am always excited when a new a product arrives. I just can’t wait to use it. However, when this one arrives, I won’t be here as I am off to Mallorca on the 31st July (incredibly excited!!). Currently checking how hot it is over there…..32 degrees….. No comment.

For the rest of the day I will be editing the website, uploading my blog and going to a meeting with mum with our Hazardous waste hats on. The waste broker side of the business is very new to me, so it is a learning curve but I like the fact it is an extra string to our bow. We remove all types of waste. If you have anything that is not food or of sanitary material, we will remove it. Our details are on the contact page so please give us a ring. Once we are back in the office, there will be a check on the emails then it will be time to hit the gym!

Last week, (On Monday) I was cold calling along the the South- Eastern parts of the of the country and really enjoyed meeting new people. I was there Monday and headed back home on the Wednesday.  When I was there, one of my clients wanted more information in removing graffiti which surprised me as I was there to discuss one of our current products that they have been using. My client was telling me about how much graffiti they get in the area and I could not believe it. When I drove through the town for my appointment, I thought to myself ‘what a lovely, clean town’. All I can say is that they are all rather handy with a paint brush in covering it up as I didn’t spot any!

On Tuesday, I set out with my sat nav to head towards a new client base. Yesterday I drove for almost 4 hours so feeling a bit stiff on the old pedals. Once I got going, I was away….. Until I met a train crossing point. I think I was stationary for around 7 minutes! Might not seem like a long time, but when your in the car, whether its in traffic or at a red light, it seems like hours. Once those white barriers were up, I turned into Lewis Hamilton and sped off. I was the first in the Que, so there was no hanging about. I arrived at my destination- a multi-story car park- don’t worry nothing dodgy. But gosh those car park spaces were amazing. They were huge! Anyway, I parked up and headed out with my black sales folder in hand. Lets see what today brings.

Two weeks ago, my Mum and I went to have a meeting with a client who has got a large amount of hazardous waste. So large in fact that they had put together a small booklet of all the products that were on the pallets. It was fascinating to hear what some of the products are used for. One product that we took to be tested (they were unsure of what it was so we had to get it tested, so we know what we are dealing with) was a bright orange colour. I thought it would make a rather good tan colour in the spraying saloon! It will be a good job done when we get all the final products tested for our client as there will be a big space for them to develop into once all the waste has been collected.

Once we wrapped up our meeting we drove to one of our favourite clients (due to the setting of the place and the people of course) to have a meeting with topics such as smelly drains and brown stains on marble tiles. This will sound incredibly odd, but we love smelly drains here at Natural Solutions. If you have issues with your drains in your work place, give us a ring as our drain cleaner is eco-friendly and smells fresh and clean. For the drain we have a product that would work effectively but Marble is a new one. Something that I will rack my brain about as it would have to be gentle on the surface but effective. Our client is off for a while so this will give me some time to do some research.







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