Hit the road Juz!

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This week I have been on the road and putting our new little van to good use.

On Wednesday, I was on the road in the blissful sunshine to drop off a delivery to a client who has got a problem with Algae. The algae looked like a big, green, hairy wig on the floor. Of course it is lethal if you slip on it, so best to treat it quickly rather than leave it. No one wants any broken bones before the summer holidays! Our Algae remover is the only product that has HSE approval so if you find you need a product that has been checked and given the all clear, give us a call. We would only be too happy to help.

After seeing to the hairy hulk of Algae, I jumped into my little van and went off to grab some lunch. I will admit I did get a little lost (apologises to anyone following a little Vauxhall Corsa van on Wednesday) as I am still getting my bearings. I turned onto a wide road and I think I must have been on Millionaire Street. I had not seen anything like it in that area before! The houses were enormous (I will take note of what I would like as an early Christmas present!).

After a quick pit-stop, I headed for the other side of the county for a meeting with a potential new client.  The meeting was very short lived unfortunately, but hey you don’t know until you try right?

Thursday was busy from the start with me popping into local businesses around where we are based to get some new contacts. I will admit, I really enjoy talking to new people and getting to know them and if I can help them out with any products- even better.

I spent most of the morning in the local area, then I hot footed it towards the North of the county. This afternoon, I was cold calling in and around the beautiful city (One of my favourite places to visit- they do amazing fudge by the way!).

I walked into a business which I have been working with and had a very positive meeting (You know the feeling). I was really pleased with the result and then jumped back into the van to head for the city centre.

The sun was making walking from A to B to C and D rather hard. The last thing I wanted to do was arrive at a new client with sweat patches and with mascara running, forming big “panda eyes”. It’s not a bad look if you are a panda…. darker eyes the better isn’t it? Back to business, it was a very productive afternoon with potential clients having some tricky cleaning issues. I spent a good 3 hours in town before I headed back to the van. You should have seen me trying to pay for my car park ticket; I was straddling my black works folder, handbag in hand, purse in mouth and keys in my right hand-what a palaver! The next question stumped me….. What was my van’s registration? On top of juggling all my belongings, my phone had to come out and as I had no idea what the new van’s registration was! Luckily I took a photo a couple days prior to show my brother my new wheels! I can simply say that I was pleased to get back to my car after impressively performing a circus act and headed home to type up several emails.

I arrived home, cup of tea in hand, laptop open….it was a long but very exciting evening with potential business hopefully being on the horizon.

The feeling I had on Thursday was a real buzz. I didn’t have that feeling when I finished on Wednesday, but that’s business for you.

If you have any questions or have a situation we can help you with, please give us a call.


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