Blitz Green

For porous and Non Porous Surfaces. Non Hazardous and fully biodegradable. For more information about this product please click on the link below. Blitz Green comes in 5 litres. NATURAL SOLUTIONS BLITZ GREEN MSDS

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Ceramic Tile Cleaner
A fast acting and effective ceramic cleaner which quickly removes scale without damaging the surface. The image opposite is a spot test example of how effective our Ceramic Tile Cleaner is. We used this product on the floor in between a changing room and shower facility. Ceramic Tile Cleaner comes in 5 litres and 25 litre containers. Contact Us For More Details
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DUO – Plastic Rail and Post Cleaner A non-hazardous dilutable cleaner which will not harm grass. Containing an anti-bacterial agent it helps to prevent re-growth of algae and lichens. Can be used through a pressure washer or with bucket and … Continued

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Ghost Remover
The Ghost remover is a powerful product that removes graffiti from brickwork and masonry. Graffiti Ghost remover comes in 5 litre containers.
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Ice Melter

Containing penetrating agents to remove ice deposits from car parks, stairs and paths, a fully biodegradable product which will not discolour boots or damage carpets. Non corrosive to iron, steel and aluminium, it will also prevent ice from re-freezing. Available … Continued

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Lemon disinfectant

A disinfectant that can be used in all areas of cleaning. Our Lemon disinfectant comes in 5 Litres and 25 litres. Lemon Disinfectant MSDS

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Liquid Ice Melter

A ready to use liquid Ice Melter for Helicopter landing pads, where a solid product could become a hazard. Safe to use on most hard surfaces. Available in 25 Ltr drums. Contact Us For More Details

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Mould Remover

MOULD REMOVER An HSE approved fast acting, non hazardous and bio-degradable treatment, formulated to remove slippery and treacherous algae, lichens and mould etc from a variety of surfaces including pathways, paving, safety play areas, steps and parade rings. Contact Us … Continued

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A non flammable rust neutralising concentrate, combating corroded surfaces leaving a protective film. Can be used on railings, gates and ferrous metals.
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Silicone Interior Spray.

Ideal for keeping all interior looking clean and well cared for. Simply spray on and wipe all over the interior for a glossy shine. The silicone interior spray comes in a box of 12 x 400ml bottles.

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